Do-It-Yourself: As should be expected, all restored and sealed areas will require routine cleanings. We, at North Bay Restoration, take great pride in our work and often refer to “your project” as “our project.” In a nutshell, we want you to care for “our restoration work” as best as you’re able. We always take time to instruct property owners and contractors of adequate maintenance programs with cleaning supplies which may be purchased at local tile stores or online through the products page of this website.

Professional: North Bay Restoration also offers our regularly-scheduled continued maintenance programs, at substantially lowered rates, for property owners who do not want the hassle of deep cleanings. We are happy to take the load and worry off your shoulders by professionally maintaining, polishing, touch-up caulking and/or grouting, etc. all your hard surfaces. In many cases, this approach will save you precious time/money in the long run.

Several home and commercial business owners prefer our annual or semi-annual services, in addition to their superficial cleanings. They’re found our services more cost-effective in the long run, as we'll do in a few short hours what may take inexperienced cleaning personnel days to achieve.

“Tim’s routine maintenance prices are very reasonable; he actually saves us money over the long term and definitely saves us the hassle. My house keepers absolutely love him!”     ~ P. Paulson, Napa Valley