Project Illustrations

Quality restoration is North Bay Restoration's business.

Limestone Tile Entryway Restoration

Before(left): This entryway was properly installed, but since it wasn't sealed prior to grouting, the limestone had completely grabbed & locked in grout contaminants. The tile contractor wasn't able to repair the damage to limestone. NBR deeply cleaned to remove grout haze, then mechanically diamond honed to remove as much etching, scratches, and stains as possible. Then mechanically polished to homogenize sheen and applied premium, solvent-based, impregnator sealant.

After(right): The floor has been fully restored. Homeowner said it looks as good as he originally anticipated.

Concrete Deep Cleaning

Before(left): Concrete stairs present heavy dirt and stains.

After(right): NBR's deep cleaning in process with a cocktail of contractor-grade strippers. Then thoroughly sealed with premium, solvent-based impregnator. The contrast is amazing!

Concrete Tile Restoration

Before(left): The tile was installed properly, but grouted sloppily with grout haze throughout & much construction debris, making the entire floor look horrific.

After(right): NBR deeply cleaned all tile with focus on grout haze removal. Then applied premium, solvent-based sealant. A huge improvement!

Concrete Driveway Restoration

Before(left): NBR deeply clean driveway to removed surface contaminants and stains.

After(right): NBR then applied multiple coats of premium, solvent-based, urethane. Notice the beautiful, natural hues!

Paver Floor Restoration

Before(left): Paver tiles show wear/tear, especially around rug area. Huge stain was left from previous homeowner's large rug underlayment embedding into paver coatings.
After(right): NBR deeply cleaned with special focus on removing rug underlayment residue and grout stains. NBR applied premium, urethane x 2 coats. Good as new!


Slate Restoration

Before(left): Exterior slate (15-year-old) patio had never been sealed. NBR power washed & chemically deep cleaned to remove organic surface contaminants.

After(right): The second image portrays the work in progress; showing the contrast of color-enhanced slate tile and clean, natural slate tile.... The finished product is absolutely stunning!


Marble Slab Restoration

Before(left): This "Negro Marquina" marble slab, double-sink vanity is located a high-traffic, commercial, men's bathroom. Unfortunately, the surface was very poorly maintained by the evening janitorial crew. Needless to say, the vanity was heavily scratched and etched.

After(right): Once NBR thoroughly diamond ground, re-polished, & sealed the surface with a high-quality, solvent-based impregnator, a polymer wax was applied for additional protection. The cleaning staff & property owners were then properly instructed on continued care. NBR was asked to include this vanity along with other natural stone surfaces in a yearly maintenance program. Notice the beautiful sheen & reflection!


Travertine Tile Floor Restoration

Before(left): This 10-year-old "Travertine Romano Classico (long grain)" tile floor showed normal wear & tear with heavy wax build up. The homeowner desired a basic tune up.

After(right): NBR lightly machine honed to remove minor scratches, etches, and wax build up. Polished to homogenize sheen, then finished with a high-quality penetrating sealer. Notice the detailed definition in the window reflections!


Limestone Patio Restoration

Before(left): This limestone deck had never been sealed, subject to extreme coastal sea-air conditions, with rainwater runoff from copper downspouts for years.

After(right): NBR deeply cleaned and sealed with a solvent-based impregnator. Homeowner was amazed!


Pavers Restoration

Before(Background): This "Saltillo - Mexican Paver" patio was heavily coated with a dingy urethane and years of dirt/grime.

After(Foreground): NBR power washed, steam cleaned, chemically/mechanically scrubbed to strip off all the old urethane. The tiles were then re-sealed with a superior solvent-based, breathable urethane. Notice the beautifully revived colors!


Concrete Floor Restoration

Before(left): NBR deep cleaned & diamond grinded this concrete floor to remove the cream layer, then color stained, grouted the perimeter, & applied a high-performance lacquer for additional protection.

After(right): The floor is stunning! These photos hardly do it justice!


Agglomerate Tile Floor Restoration

Before(left): This "Man-made Agglomerate Resin" tile showed normal wear and tear. The homeowner desired a simple facelift.

After(right): NBR mechanically diamond polished, chemically deep cleaned, sealed with topcoat urethane. Notice the detailed reflections!


Granite Chip Repair

Before(left): NBR deep cleaned the area & applied primer to ensure good adhesion, then filled chip with a specialized clear-bonding solution, & cured with a UV light system by Stonelux.

After(right): The repair is solid and hardly noticeable, ready for regular use. Although granite is among of the hardest of all natural stones & ideal for countertops use in both residential & commercial settings, this surface incurred a heavy impact which caused a substantial chip.

Grout Replacement

Before(left): This tile bathroom was installed satisfactorily, but grouted completely wrong. It appears the installer originally used non-sanded grout, then tried to resolve the issue with a urethane or epoxy grout, which was smeared everywhere. (Non-sanded grout should only be used with 1/8" joints or smaller, as it does not hold enough to fill larger joints adequately & is notoriously weak.) Needless to say, the bathroom looked horrible & created a restoration nightmare. The homeowner was told by several professionals that the entire job should be torn out & re-installed with new tile, which would obviously cost her much time, money, hassle, & grief.... Then she called NBR & everything turned in a positive direction.

After(right): NBR bid the job for 70% below the cost of demolition & re-installation. The grout was removed, which was no easy process due to the density of the urethane/epoxy material, then the entire bathroom was re-grouted with Laticrete True Color. The homeowner is ecstatic with the clean/crisp results! Good as new & talking of taking a trip to Italy!


Cobblestone Driveway Restoration

Before(left): This cobblestone driveway was dirty & dull-looking. The homeowner had 2 professional companies apply costly penetrating color enhancers, but neither held more than a few months.

After(right): NBR power washed & allowed sufficient drying time. Then applied 2 coats of high-performance, industrial-strength urethane which is extremely durable, holds up well in intense ultraviolet conditions, excellent for residential surfaces. It helps control efflorescence; blocks oil, & protects against tire markings. Also deepens & enriches the color of natural stone & concrete, leaving a high-end, well-finished appearance.


Marble Countertop Restoration

Before(left): This countertop was severely etched due to insufficient sealant protection.

After(right): NBR mechanically diamond honed to remove deeply penetrated etch damage, repolished to homogenize sheen, sealed with premium, solvent-based impregnator, then educated homeowner on proper maintenance. An eyesore transformed into a showpiece!

counter top

Shower Pan & Curb Restoration

Before(left): This travertine/marble shower was damaged by hard-water mineral build up & chemical etching.

After(right): NBR deeply cleaned to remove surface build up, mechanically honed/polished to remove etching & restore luster, then sealed with premium, solvent-based, color enhancer. The stone came alive with beautiful vivid colors! NBR discussed with homeowner proper maintenance & shower products to use. (See Maintenance Page on this website.)

Shower pan