Tile, Stone, & Concrete Consulting Advantage:

30-minute phone consulting with an EXPERT for $99

Who Needs Consulting?

Personal (one-to-one) expert advice could help homeowners, contractors, designers, maintenance/cleaning crews, relators, property managers, insurance companies, and product suppliers gain more knowledge about marble, limestone, granite, slate, pavers, travertine, quartz, terrazzo, ceramic/porcelain tile, and concrete.

How will Consulting Benefit Me?

During a consultation call with Tim (North Bay Restoration) you’ll receive direct advice ranging from product selection, proper installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and job-failure resolutions.

Sometimes it’s best to get advice from a neutral party, who’s not looking to make a big sale. Maybe just a little “education” is all that’s needed before discussing an issue with a contractor, homeowner, designer, realtor, insurance adjuster, or tenant who’s damaged your rental. A wealth of information, just a phone call away, at a fraction of the costs of hiring large forensic firms, wasting time attending classes, or watching endless irrelevant YouTube videos. Tim’s easy going, down-to-earth nature, coupled with his vast knowledge of the tile, stone, and concrete industries, leads to quick, cost-effective solutions to most hard-surface problems.


What Troubleshooting Issues Can Tim Help With?

Tim’s professional advice will answer questions such as (just to name a few): What’s causing my stone or concrete to change colors, dull, turn white or blotchy? Why is my newly-installed grout cracking, staining, uneven texture, irregular color? What is causing my tile or stone to crack? Not sure if my installation is being (or was) done correctly? Now what should I do? How should I deal with a flaky contractor, an unreasonable homeowner, pushy designer, tenant’s damage? How to resolve sealant issues? How do I know if my marble, travertine, granite, etc. was sealed properly? What’s causing my tile to break loose? How do I properly maintain my marble, slate, travertine, limestone, granite, quartz, pavers, concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile, etc.? What's causing my shower to get moldy so quickly? Should I invest in restoring my surface or completely replace it? What is the best surface to install for my application?

How Can I be Sure I’m Getting Good Advice?

Tim is a licensed tile contractor in excellent standing, with a stellar reputation for 30+ years in the Northern California area. He’s worked directly with homeowners, contractors, designers, realtors, insurance companies, & suppliers. In addition to supervising maintenance for several high-end estates, Tim is a landlord himself, who’s also dealt with tenant-damage issues. Tim’s well-experienced in product application, including finish coats and chemical interactions. He’s also attended decades of specialized training seminars/classes ranging from product chemical composition/application to stone and concrete resurfacing. Tim is the “go-to man” in Northern California who’s called to resolve job failures of every kind; helping thousands find quick solutions to the most perplexing problems.

What if My Problem is So Strange or Unique that Tim hasn’t Experienced it Before?

If Tim can’t advise you on the exact resolution for your problem, he’ll talk with a treasure trove of associates he’s come to know over the years. Tim networks with professionals from all over the country. He will, at the very least, help enlighten you about your concerns and point you in the right direction for resolving your issues. Either way, you’ll be far ahead by talking to a seasoned restoration trade master.

Dumb Questions – Dump Mistakes?

Don’t be afraid to ask Tim every “dumb question” you’ve been considering and be honest about your so-called “dumb mistakes,” which will help Tim find your solutions quicker. Remember, none of us are born with this knowledge and chances are, you’re an expert in another field which we know nothing about. We’re all in this together and learn from one another. 

What if I don’t have a PayPal Account?

No problem, PayPal takes most credit cards. Just click the “Pay Now” button. PayPal will ask you to login or pay with debit or credit card. Click the debit-or-credit-card button and you'll know how to proceed from there.

How do I Schedule My Consultation Session?

Just scroll down to the “Contact Us” area and fill in the required fields. Be sure to tell us your time zone or the state you reside in, as we know you wouldn’t appreciate a call from Tim late in the evening.  😊

With respect to your images, both close-up & broad-span photos are helpful. Tim will get back to you ASAP, usually within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that he’s actively working hands on; troubleshooting and resolving problems all over Northern California.

Sound Complicated?

It’s all about getting Tim your specific info and photos, making payment, coordinating the time to talk, then confirming your appointment via email. If Tim is available right away, this process could essentially be completed within a few minutes and you’ll be on your way to having the answers you need.

Contact Us

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    What Happens Next?

    Tim will look over your emailed information and respond, as soon as he’s able, usually within 24 hours. You’ll get a quick email to let you know the time Tim can book your consultation. If that time works for you, simply email us back a message “all good” or “can’t make that time – how about _____?” Tim will try to be as flexible and fast as possible with consideration of his current obligations.

    What Can I Do to Prepare for My Consultation?

    Before your consultation, just jot down a few notes, so you don’t forget any questions you’d like to ask Tim. Plan to be near your phone when Tim calls at your scheduled appointment time. It’s probably a good idea to be prepared to take notes too, so you don’t miss any valuable advice you’ll receive during the consultation. Tim may ask you a few quick questions, if applicable, such as: When was your surface installed? Materials used (if known)? What was the material set over (subfloor; wood, concrete, etc.)? Has the surface ever been sealed? If so, what products were used? If you don’t know answers, that’s OK, just keep in mind that the more information Tim received, the better he will be able to help you.

    What if I Can’t Make My Appointment Time?

    If something comes up and you need to reschedule, please text Tim at (707) 328-1223 or email right away. He will be happy to reschedule at a more convenient time.

    How do I Confirm My Consultation Session?

    Please be sure to respond back to Tim’s email confirming the time of your consultation.

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