Do-It-Yourself: As should be expected, all restored and sealed areas will require routine cleanings. We, at North Bay Restoration, take great pride in our work and often refer to “your project” as “our project.” In a nutshell, we want you to care for “our restoration work” as best as you’re able. We always take time to instruct property owners and contractors of adequate maintenance programs with cleaning supplies which may be purchased at local tile stores or on line through the products page of this website.

Micro-Fiber Towels

Helps stop streaking & hazing, for amazing cleaning!

A-maz Water Stain Remover

Ideal for deep cleaning glass block & shower doors.

Flitz Metal Polish

Great for most metal plumbing fixtures.

Sheila Shine

Best product for use on all stainless steel surfaces!

Revitalizer Neutral Cleaner

Best “neutral” cleaner – 1 product for all hard surfaces.


Safe "neutral cleaner" for all hard surface floors.

Stone Clean & Polish (Gold)

Excellent for tile & stone counter tops!

Stone Clean & Polish (Magic)

This is our absolute favorite cleaner/polish! We use it on everything; glass, stone, ceramic, etc.

White Scruff Pads

Color matters! White pads are ideal for cleaning softer stones like marble.

Grout Erasers


This product is great for deep cleaning grout, but be careful not to use on tile or stone, as it will scratch softer surfaces.

Simplee Cleen Microfiber Swivel Household Mop Kit (Pack of 2)

Helps make cleaning floors a breeze.

How to Apply Aqua-Mix Epoxy-Grout-Stain Video

(Should watch - just 2 minutes long.)

Aqua Mix Epoxy Grout Colorant

Aqua Mix Epoxy Grout Colorant Pretreatment Cleaner

Play Video

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